Pets in the Classroom

  • Classroom pets provide benefits to students as well as staff. Students can learn compassion for all living creatures, responsibility, and science concepts. Grisham Farms has designed a curriculum that will allow your classroom pet to help teach many topics at many different grade levels. Click here to see curriculum __________.

  • Before you decide on a classroom pet, be sure to check with your school and district policies. Next, make sure that your students do not have allergies that will limit your animal choices. Reptiles will be a great class addition should you have a student with fur allergies. For the safety of your students and the animals, we do not suggest that you let students handle the animals.

  • Instead of purchasing an animal, try to adopt one. Post on community websites that you are seeking a pet that needs adoption, check your local shelter and Petfinder. If you need help finding an animal to adopt, let us know and we can let our followers know.  If you are interested in having a pet for just a short time, our pet rental program may be a perfect fit for you. Learn more here:_____________


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